Root Canal Dental Treatment Denver

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There are many reasons why patients need root canals. Root canal treatment
today is a very common dental procedure that can alleviate tooth pain,
infection and save a tooth. Long term tooth pain is often the result of an
infection that has spread to the dental nerve located in the middle of the tooth.
Swelling may develop in the tissue surrounding the root. This can result in
pain, sensitivity to hot or cold food and drinks and tenderness to chewing.
Dr. Wagenaar has performed hundreds of these procedures and can help
you when a root canal is your best option.


Why consider a root canal?
You can safely eliminate tooth pain with proper dental care. The vast majority
of root canal treatments are successful in removing infections and restoring a
healthy, well-functioning tooth. Doing a root canal procedure can help you
avoid more extensive and expensive dental work in the future.


For your convenience, we offer customizable sedation levels to ensure that
your root canal procedure and overall dental care will be as comfortable as

root canal service Dr. Paul M. Wagenaar Family and Cosmetic Dentistry

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